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WRF Model Version 3.7 : Known Problems and Fixes

RRTMG with o3input (posted April 22, 2015)

Problem: An error was introduced in 3.7 code that did not allow a user to change the o3input option - it would always be 0, which means to use the default ozone profile in RRTMG, which is only a function of height. o3input = 2 uses the CAM ozone profile that has a latitudinal, height, and monthly variation. This is the recommended option with the use of the RRTMG radiation.

Solution: Download the fixed module_check_a_mundo file, place it in the WRFV3/share/ directory, and rename it to module_check_a_mundo.F. You will need to recompile the code, but it is not necessary to issue a 'clean -a' or to reconfigure.

Restart issues (posted April 20, 2015)

Problem: Tests revealed that the following options do not produce correct restart results: TEMF and global runs.

Solution: Work will be underway to fix these.

RRTMG Fast Longwave Option (posted August 13, 2015)

Problem: There are errors in this newly introduced option (ra_lw_physics=24).

Solution: Do not use this option until next release.

Input/Boundary data (posted August 13, 2015)

Problem: When using GFS data that contain max wind and tropapause level data, discontinuity was introduced in wrfinput and wrfbdy files.

Solution: Edit Vtable.GFS and remove the last 10 entries (UMAXW and below).

MAC Mavericks OS (posted April 20, 2015)

Problem: Current WRF/WPS code doesn't support CLANG, the default c compiler on this Mac OS.

Solution: Install gcc instead.

sf_urban_physics with multiple domains(posted January 15, 2016)

Problem: If using this physics option with multiple domains, and it is not set for all domains, problems are seen near the boundaries with several variables.

Solution: This must be turned on for all domains.

Problem with Morrison Scheme (posted January 15, 2016)

Problem: When using the Morrison scheme without any cumulus turned on in any of the domains (for example, running a single domain with Morrison scheme only), problems exist because the Morrison scheme uses some tendency arrays from output with a cumulus scheme. However these arrays were not allocated when no cumulus scheme is used.

Solution: If you wish to use this scheme without any cumulus, you must edit Registry.EM_COMMON, and update this line, from:

package morr_two_moment mp_physics==10 -


package morr_two_moment mp_physics==10 -

Once you update the file, save the file, and then you will need to go back to the WRFV3/ directory, issue a 'clean -a', reconfigure, and recompile the code.

sf_urban_physics options 2 and 3 (posted February 19, 2016)

Problem: An error was introduced in WRFV3.7 and remained an issue in V3.7.1, that causes the urban physics options 2 (BEP) and 3 (BEM) to fail occasionally. This was caused because memory access to some arrays were not available for these options.

Solution: Download this module: module_sf_urban.F.fix-for-v3.7andv3.7.1, place it in your WRFV3/phys/ directory (rename it to module_sf_urban.F). You will then need to go back to WRFV3/ and recompile the code. It is not necessary to issue a "clean -a", or to reconfigure. Just simply recompile.

Problem when using KF with NSSL schemes (posted July 12, 2016)

Problem: Model instability can occur when using the combination of cu_physics=1 (Kain-Fritsch cumulus scheme) with mp_physics=17 or 18 (NSSL 2-moment) at typical time steps. The model may be stable at sufficiently small time step.

Solution: Download module_mp_nssl_2mom.F, Place the file into your WRFV3/phys/ directory, and then recompile WRFV3. There is no need to issue a clean -a or to reconfigure. Simply recompile the code.

Problem when using tmn_update (posted September 8, 2016)

Problem: An error was introduced beginning with WRF Version 3.7 in a restart run when the tmn_update option is used. This error is present in WRF Versions 3.7, 3.7.1, 3.8 and 3.8.1. When tmn_update is activated, a moving-averaged skin temperature (TLAG) is used as a lower boundary condition for the land model. Since TLAG is left out of the restart file, any restart using the tmn_update option will start with 0 K as the lower boundary condition for the land model. This will cause the soil temperature to cool gradually, eventually affecting the skin and atmospheric temperature. The tmn_update option can be used for the following land models: SLAB, Noah, NoahMP, RUC and CLM.

Solution: The fix is to add the letter 'r' (for restart) in the 8th column of the Registry.EM_COMMON file, for variables TLAG, so that the original line:

state real TLAG i&j misc 1 - d=(interp_mask_field:lu_index,iswater)u=(copy_fcnm) "TLAG" "DAILY MEAN SFC TEMPERATURE OF PRIOR DAYS" "K"

becomes state real TLAG i&j misc 1 - rd=(interp_mask_field:lu_index,iswater)u=(copy_fcnm) "TLAG" "DAILY MEAN SFC TEMPERATURE OF PRIOR DAYS" "K"

One must do 'clean -a', reconfigure, and recompile the code after making this registry change.

If you have not previously made any changes to your Registry.EM_COMMON file, and you are okay with replacing it, instead of making the above change, you can simply replace your current file with the corrected Registry.EM_COMMON.v37 file. Once you download the file, you will need to unpack it, change the name to Registry.EM_COMMON, and place it in your WRFV3/Registry/ directory. After this, go back to WRFV3/, issue a 'clean -a', reconfigure, and recompile.

(Thanks to Heimo Truhetz of University of Graz, Austria, for reporting and finding the fix for the problem.)


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