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"wrfhelp" is an email assistance service to provide user support. Questions regarding WRF and its use should be directed to wrfhelp at ucar dot edu.
Most questions should be addressed within a few days. Exceptions to that are those that may require expert input and/or extended testing and investigation. User questions are not answered during weekends and US holidays.
If you would like wrfhelp to address your problem, send an email to wrfhelp. The WRF Users' Forum and the wrf-users email list are venues only used for users to share information.
**When emailing WRFHELP to ask for assistance with your problems, please consider the following tips for a quicker solution:
  • Indicate the problem in the subject line.

  • If you are having problems compiling, provide information regarding the type of system you are using, which compiler you are using, whether you are compiling in parallel/serial/etc. Also provide a compile log that shows the error message, as well as your configure file.

  • If you have made any modifications to the code, please test the provided (un-modified) version of the code first, and please let us know the modifications you have made.

  • Please always include the version of the code you are working with.

  • For run-time problems, locate the error messages and include them in the email (if you have rsl* files, please send your rsl.error.0000 and rsl.out.0000 files).

  • For most run-time issues, providing your namelist file is essential.


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