WRF Real-Time Forecasts

There are a number of groups that are running WRF in real-time.


15 km CONUS, 72 h fcst from 00/12 Z initialization from GFS grib data. (old site)

Grell-Freitas convective parameterization
YSU PBL scheme
Thompson microphysics
RRTMG short and longwave radiation
Noah land surface model
15 km grid length, 39 vertical levels, using adaptive time stepping


18 h CONUS WRF-RAP runs, 00 and 12 UTC initialization

Grell convective parameterization
ETA TKE PBL scheme
Thompson/NCAR microphysics
RRTM longwave radiation
Dudhia shortwave radiation
Smirnova-RUC land-surface parameterization
13 km grid length, 50 vertical levels

15 h CONUS WRF-HRRR runs, 3 km, hourly initialization frmo RAP native-level data


36 h, WRF 4 km forecast for sub-CONUS.

No convective parameterization
MYJ PBL scheme
WSM6 microphysics
RRTM longwave radiation
Dudhia shortwave radiation
Noah land-surface parameterization
4 km grid length, 35 vertical levels, time step 24 sec

US Universities

University of Illinois real time WRF ensemble forecast at 18 or 12 km (midwest region), 72 - 120 h forecast, 00 and 12 UTC initialization. More info ...

Millersville University 25 km, east of Rocky's, 48 - 60 h, mass coordinate

KF cumulus scheme
NCEP3 microphysics
RRTM longwave radiation
Dudhia shortwave radiation
MRF PBL scheme
Thermal diffusion scheme

CAPS 27 km CONUS and 9 km central US, mass coordinate

Jackson State University 27 km, southeastern US, 36 h, mass coordinate

University of Washington 45 km ensemble Kalman Filter Forecast

NCEP/EMC HiResWindow forecasts 5.8 km, eastern, central, western US, and Alaska WRF forecasts, 48 h, mass coordinate

YSU PBL scheme
Ferrier microphysics
RRTM longwave radiation
Dudhia shortwave radiation
Noah land-surface model
5.8 km grid length, 35 vertical levels

WRF Forecast for Hawaii by Haleakala Weather Center

WRF Forecast by NWS at Sterling, Virginia. 4 km, 24 h forecast.


- WRF forecasts at the National Taiwan Normal University (45/15 km, southeastern Asia, 36 h)

- WRF forecasts for Mexico and Uruguary at the Unidad de Meteorologia, Instituto de Fisica.

- WRF forecasts for Europe at the National Observatory of Athens (click on "Europe: WRF forecasts" in left column).

- WRF forecasts for Italy by Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Lecce Section, Italy.

- WRF forecasts by Weather It Is, Israel. Click on 'About the WRF' on the Maps page for information.

- WRF forecasts by Slovenian Meteorological Amateur Research Team (in Slovenian).

- WRF forecasts by Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology of the University of Guadalara, Mexico.

- WRF forecasts by C-DAC, India.

- WRF forecasts by youmeteo.com, with real-time forecasts for Italy and Europe.

- WRF forecast by Mexican Institude of Water Technology (IMTA).

- WRF forecast for Vietnam and Southeast Asia by AMI Environmental.

- WRF forecast for Indian region by the National Atmospheric Research Laboratory of India.

- WRF forecast for North Atlantic and Iceland by the Institude for Meteorological Research, Reykjavik, Iceland.

- WRF forecast by Earth Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain.

- WRF forecast by students at University of Athens, Greece (Department of Physics and Department of Meteorology) at 21 and 7 km.

- WRF forecast by MeteoNetwork of Italy.

- WRF forecast by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia at 36/12/4 km grid sizes.

- WRF forecast by DreiTageWetter with operational forecasts for Germany and Central Europe.

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