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WRF Model Users' Page

Welcome to the users' page for the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (here "WRF", for short). WRF is a state-of-the-art atmospheric modeling system designed for both meteorological research and numerical weather prediction. It offers a host of options for atmospheric processes and can run on a variety of computing platforms. WRF excels in a broad range of applications across scales ranging from tens of meters to thousands of kilometers, including the following.

– Meteorological studies
– Real-time NWP
– Idealized simulations
– Data assimilation
– Earth system model coupling
– Model training and educational support

The Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboratory (MMM) of NCAR supports the WRF system to the user community, maintains the WRF code, and oversees the relase process. MMM provides the wrfhelp service, which provides user assistance and delivers WRF news. MMM also issues WRF releases, conducts WRF tutorials, and hosts the annual WRF Users' Workshop.

The WRF system is available via free download through these pages. In addition to providing the code and documentation for WRF system, this site provides information and links on WRF code contributions, releases, and events.

Related Systems and Information
There are a number of WRF-related systems and specialty capabilities with separate pages. Key ones are listed below, and users are directed to these for the system details.

– WRF Data Assimilation System: WRFDA
– WRF-Chem (WRF atmospheric chemistry model): WRF-Chem
– WRF-Hydro (WRF hydrological modeling system): WRF-Hydro



WRF Forecast

WRF Real-Time Forecasting


2017 WRF Users' Workshop (June 2017): Presentations.

WRF Physics Survey Results.

Latest WRF Releases:

WRF Version is now available for download.

WPS Version Update for GFS Real-time Data is now available for download. Click here for more details.

WRF Releases - Known Problems:

V3.9.1.1 (updated 8/28/17)

V3.9.1 (updated 8/17/17)

V3.9 (updated 4/17/17)

V3.8.1 (updated 8/11/16)

WPS Releases - Known Problems:

V3.9.1 (updated 8/17/17)

V3.9.0.1 (updated 7/13/17)

V3.9 (updated 7/13/17)

V3.8.1 (updated 3/29/17)

General Information

General Notes on Compiling and Running on Cheyenne.

General Notes on Compiling and Running on Yellowstone.

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