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The Boundary Layer and Turbulence Section

The Boundary-Layer and Turbulence Section carries out basic and applied research on the structure and turbulent dynamics of atmospheric and upper oceanic boundary layers. Topics of current particular interest are air-sea interactions, flows in canopies, effects of stable stratification, transport and reactivity of trace species, carbon exchanges with the biosphere, dispersion and turbulence statistics in the atmospheric boundary layer, wildland fires, coupling with the mesoscale, clouds in deep convective systems, marine stratocumulus, wind energy and subgrid-scale dynamics. Investigators collect and analyze datasets from ground-based and aircraft measurements using in-situ and remote sensors and state-of-the art turbulence resolving simulations, both large-eddy and direct numerical simulations, and develop parameterizations.

Name Title Interests Contact
Sean Burns Associate Scientist Surface layer turbulence data, canopy flows, tower measurements. sean@ucar.edu
303 497 8934
Janice Coen Project Scientist Coupled weather-wildland fire modeling, wildfire forecasting. janice@ucar.edu
303 497 8986
Jack Herring Emeritus
Peggy Lemone Senior Scientist Emeritus Land-atmosphere interactions, clouds, field observations. lemone@ucar.edu
303 497 8962
Don Lenschow Senior Scientist Emeritus Clear and cloudy boundary layers, airborne and ground-based measurements, chemistry. lenschow@ucar.edu
303 497 8903
Chin-Hoh Moeng Senior Scientist Boundary-layer LES, parameterizations for mesoscale and climate models, stratus. moeng@ucar.edu
303 497 8911
Edward (Ned) Patton Project Scientist Canopy turbulence, wind energy, chemistry, land-atmosphere interactions, LES. patton@ucar.edu
303 497 8958
David Richter Advanced Study Postdoctoral Fellow Particle laden turbulent flows, spray, turbulence simulations. drichter@ucar.edu
303 497 8199
Peter Sullivan Senior Scientist - Group Head Air-sea interaction, LES of atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers, subgrid-scale modeling and measurements. pps@ucar.edu
303 497 8953
Jielun Sun Scientist Collection and analysis of turbulence data, stable turbulence, atmosphere-ecosystem interactions. jsun@ucar.edu
303 497 8994
Guoyin Wang Long-Term Visitor wanggy@ucar.edu
303 497 8996
Jeffrey Weil Long-Term Visitor Turbulent diffusion and dispersion, stochastic Lagrangian modeling, stable boundary layers. weil@ucar.edu
303 497 8907

Affiliate Scientists
Name Title Interests Contact
John Finnigan Director, CSIRO Center for Complex Systems Science, Australia Complex systems science, canopy flows, turbulence theory, measurement and applications.
Harm Jonker Professor, Physics Department, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands Boundary-layer clouds, direct numerical simulation, convection tank measurements.
Larry Mahrt Professor Emeritus, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University Turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer, micrometeorology, submeso and mesoscale motions.

  • Air-Sea Interaction
  • Clouds
  • Chemisty
  • Fire-Atmosphere Interaction
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Land-Surface Interaction
  • Turbulent Dispersion
  • Wind Energy