Research projects

Phone: 303-497-8994
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO, 80307-3000
Shipping Address: 3090 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO, 80301

Professional Interests

Jielun has worked in the areas of dynamic meteorology, mountain meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, satellite meteorology, microscale meteorology, ozone and carbon dioxide transport, air-sea interactions, parameterizations of subgrid variables for numerical models, turbulence transport over heterogeneous and complex surfaces, and forest meteorology. She has participated in a number of field experiments. Her current research interests include turbulence intermittency under stable conditions, fundamental turbulence transport theory and parameterization of turbulence transport in the planetary atmospheric boundary layer, trace gas transport over complex terrain, atmosphere-ecosystem interactions, and air-land interactions and turbulence parameterization over heterogeneous surfaces.

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