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A User's Guide to MESOUSER

1. What is MESOUSER?

Mesouser is a computer account we use to receive and answer users' emails regarding any questions on the use of the modeling system programs. It is an account on NCAR's computer and on NCAR anonymous ftp, where the modeling system program tar files, terrestrial input data and some job decks are archived for users to access. The directory structure looks like this on the NCAR IBM:


and on anonymous ftp:

/mesouser/MM5V3/TESTDATA : input dataset for SOC case
/mesouser/MM5V3/TERRAIN_DATA : input data for TERRAIN program


2. Accessing MESOUSER Account

To access the mesouser account on the NCAR's computers, you must have an account. You can browse through any of the files on the mesouser account by entering the command "ls -l ~mesouser", and copy those needed to your own directory for editing.

To access the NCAR's anonymous ftp account, you need to execute the following command:

The login name is anonymous and the password is your full e-mail address. After you obtain the ftp> prompt, cd to mesouser. You can browse through any of the files on the mesouser account by entering the command "ls -l", and ftp those needed to your own machine for editing.

The file README in the mesouser main directory contains detailed information of all the files residing in the ftp mesouser account.


3. Obtaining Documentation

Most MM5 related documentation can be found online by following the "Documents" and "Publications" buttons from the top navigational bar. Or look at our short Recommended Reading list of documents.


4. Subscribing to MESOUSER Mailing lists

MESOUSER maintains two mailing lists:

Announcements of bug fixes to the modeling system, new developments, and notices of upcoming tutorial and workshop are sent to this group. It is highly recommended to subscribe to this list.

2. mm5-users

This list is used by the MM5 Users community in MM5 related discussions.



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