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This is by no means a complete list of MM5 related documentation available. Most MM5 related documents are available online and can be found online by following the "Documents" and "Publications" buttons from the top navigational bar.

Due to the ongoing nature of the research and development, documentation may not be up-to-date or completed.

PSU/NCAR Mesoscale Modeling System Tutorial Class Notes (MM5 Modeling System Version 3). Jimy Dudhia, Dave Gill, Kevin Manning, Wei Wang and Cindy Bruyere (on-line only, and updated twice a year soon after the tutorial). This document is also available in html format from:

The powerpoint slides used during the tutorial classes:

Terrain and Land Use for the Fifth-Generation Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Modeling System (MM5): Program TERRAIN NCAR/TN-397+IA. Yong-Run Guo and Sue Chen

Data Ingest and Objective Analysis for the PSU/NCAR Modeling System: Programs DATAGRID and RAWINS NCAR/TN-376+IA. Kevin Manning and Philip Haagenson

A Description of the Fifth-Generation Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Model (MM5) NCAR/TN-398+STR. Georg Grell, Jimy Dudhia, and Davis Stauffer

The Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Model (MM5) Source Code Documentation NCAR/TN-392+STR. Philip Haagenson, Jimy Dudhia, David Stauffer, and Georg Grell

PSU/NCAR Mesoscale Modeling System Tutorial Class Notes (MM5 Modeling System Version 2). Jimy Dudhia, Dave Gill, Yong-Run Guo, Kevin Manning, and Wei Wang (on-line only)

The fee for obtaining a hardcopy of the documentation (NCAR Tech Notes) through mail is $10 per/document (includes shipping and handling). You can get the MM5 documentation from URL: To order the hard copy MM5 documents, send e-mail to Milli Butterworth ( of UCAR Information Support Services.

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