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Portability of the Modeling System

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MM5 Modeling System Overview

Portability of the MM5 Modeling System

  • MM5 Model

    The MM5 Version 2/3 models have been run on various machines, including PC running Linux.

  • Pre-processing Programs

    All pre-processing programs can now be run on Crays, major workstation vendor machines, and PC running Linux (Version 3 only). Rawins still only accesses data from NCAR archive (with Cray-blocking removed). New programs, REGRID and little_r, are designed to make dealing with data other than those archived at NCAR a lot easier. Both programs are very portable too.

    Perhaps the most difficult problem for using the MM5 package on a different site is data acquisition and input. Anyone who is interested in using MM5 should consider if he/she is able to acquire meteorological data, gridded as well as station observations.





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