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When choosing to run the Noah land-surface model option in MM5, one can use the NNRP, AWIP or Final Analysis datasets at NCAR. These datasets contain additional fields required by LSM to initialize soil temperature and moisture.

A recent addition which can also be used as input to the Noah LSM option, is the AGRMET data supplied by AFWA. AGRMET data provides soil temperature, soil moisture, soil water, land-sea mask and soil height data. One can use this dataset in combination with any other 3-dimensional meteorological analyses. This dataset can be obtained from NCAR's mass storage:


This data is only available for the following times:

200210; 200212 - 200406 ; 200408 ; 200511 ; 200512 ; 200602 - 200604

Documentation regarding this data:

Handbook on the new AGRMET data, supplied by AFWA




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