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MM5 Model

Pre & Post Processing

Utility Programs

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MM5 Modeling System Version 3

The 3-1 release of Version 3 MM5 modeling system programs is available since July 31 1999. All MM5 modeling system programs in this version are Y2K-compliant, and can be run on Unix workstations and Linux PCs.

The current major release is 3-7 (December 23, 2004).           

MM5 Model

Pre- and Post-processing Programs

MM5 Modeling System Version 3 Data Format

Utility and Useful Programs (with contributions from users)

Trouble shooting and clues on various computers

A Teach-Yourself Tutorial on Version 3 MM5 Modeling System

Tutorial Notes/Users' Guide for MM5 Modeling System Version 3

A Description of the MM5 Version 3 Modeling System



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