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MM5 Model V2

V2 Timing Results

Pre & Post Processing V2

V2 Source Code

V2 Tutorial Notes



MM5 Modeling System Version 2

The first release of the Version 2 MM5 modeling system programs was in July 1996. Version 2 was frozen in November 1999, when Version 3 became the standard.

The final release was 2-12 (November 12, 1999)

MM5 Model Version 2

Pre- and Post-processing Programs Version 2

Utility and Useful Programs (with contributions from users)
        (Mainly related to Version3, but include some useful programs for Version 2)

Trouble shooting and clues on various computers
        (Include tips for versions 2 & 3)

Tutorial Notes/Users' Guide for MM5 Modeling System Version 2 (updated June 1999)
        (May be used as a User's Guide)






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