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 Frequently Asked Questions

This Web page collects answers to frequently-asked MM5 questions. If you can't find answers to your questions regarding the MM5 modeling system in this page, please send e-mail to mesouser at

General Questions about the MM5 Modeling System

  1. I am just starting on the modeling system. Where should I begin?

    Click here for information for new users.

  2. How can I become a registered MM5 user?

  3. How can I subscribe to news regarding the MM5 modeling system?

    When filling in the registration form, you will be asked if you would like to also subscribe to the and/or mailing lists. Select "Yes" and you will be registered automatically. Or follow the above links to subscribe/unsubscribe at any time.

  4. Where can I get the MM5 modeling system documentation?

    Follow the "Documents" and "Publications" buttons on the top navigational bar to all our MM5 Modeling System documents.
    Or view our short recommended reading list.

  5. Where can I get a copy of the most recent version of MM5 modeling system source code?

  6. Can I get a test model input dataset for V3 MM5 to try on my local machine?

    Yes, you can. The data are available from NCAR's anonymous ftp site.
    The dimensions of the test datasets are IX = 35, JX = 41, KX = 23 for a 90 km domain, and IXN = 49, JXN = 52, KX = 23 for a nest domain at 30 km.

  7. Where can I get input data to run program terrain?

    Terrain's input datasets for Version 3 are available from NCAR's anonymous ftp site.

  8. Where can I get gridded and observational datasets to run MM5 modeling system?

    • If you have a computer account at NCAR, you can use the data archived at NCAR.

    • If you don't have a computer account at NCAR, you can purchase data from NCAR. Click here for more information.

    • You can find your own data source.

  9. How do I estimate the cost of running pre-processing programs?

    Please see the respective questions under each program below.
    The cost of running any programs on NCAR's Cray depend on a number of things. For example, the options you choose for each program; the job class you use to run the programs, etc.. The cost estimate given below is based on two examples. In short, the cost to run TERRAIN and DATAGRID is almost negligible. The cost can be significant for program RAWINS.

  10. How do I get a computer account at NCAR?

  11. I need to access the NCAR archive data to run the MM5 model on my workstation. Who should I contact at NCAR?

  12. Where can I get a copy of the NCAR GKS Graphic package that is used by several programs of the MM5 modeling system?

  13. Can I run all MM5 modeling system programs on a Linux machine?

    Yes, you can. Currently we support compiler options provided by Portland Group Inc. The primary reasons we choose this compiler are 1) it supports Cray pointers which are used in MM5 model, and a few other programs; and 2) it has Fortran 90 compiler.

  14. When is the next MM5 tutorial class and how can I register for the class?

  15. When is the next MM5 users' workshop and how can I register for the workshop?



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