You are welcome to participate in the Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (DC3) Field Experiment Planning Workshop. The DC3 Field Experiment will characterize the effect of midlatitude, continental convection on the transport and transformation of ozone and its precursors. Along with measurements of hydrogen oxide radicals, their precursors, and nitrogen oxides in both the inflow and outflow regions of deep convection, measurements of cloud microphysical properties, storm kinematics, and lightning discharges will be conducted. These measurements are planned for the central United States where remote continental regions can be contrasted to anthropogenically-influenced regions.

The scope of the DC3 Field Experiment, including the goals and candidate hypotheses for the project, have been outlined. We are currently drafting the science program overview and experimental design overview documents. This workshop will be an opportunity to join the DC3 science team and to modify and improve the draft science program overview and the experimental design overview documents for the field experiment.

Questions regarding DC3 may be sent to Mary Barth barthm@ucar.edu . Logistical questions may be directed to Teresa Rivas rivas@ucar.edu .

For more information about the Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (DC3) Experiment, see the "About DC3" link to your left.

Workshop Schedule

An agenda for the workshop will be posted on the "Agenda" page by 1 March 2006. The first half day of the workshop will be a plenary session summarizing the plans to date for the DC3 field experiment. The second full day will be comprised of break-out sessions revising and improving the science program and experimental design of DC3. The last half day of the workshop will be a plenary session discussing the results from the break-out sessions.

DC3 Steering Committee:

Mary Barth (NCAR)
Principal Investigator
William Brune (PSU)
Principal Investigator
Chris Cantrell (NCAR)
Principal Investigator
Steven Rutledge (CSU)
Principal Investigator
Jim Crawford (NASA/Langley)
Owen Cooper (NOAA/CSD, UColo/CIRES)
Alan Fried (NCAR)
Andrew Heymsfield (NCAR)
Paul Krehbiel (NMT)
Donald Lenschow (NCAR)
Laura Pan (NCAR)
Kenneth Pickering (NASA/Goddard)
Jeffrey Stith (NCAR)
Andy Weinheimer (NCAR)